Soundking SKD220 Digital Drumset

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SKD220 is the improved model of the flagship version which is configured with 6 drums 4 cymbals. All the cables can be installed inside the drum stand tubes for easy installation of pad and cymbals. No matter at home or in the show, it keeps stable performance. All pads use high quality rubber. The kick can be installed with any one traditional hammer (including dual hammers). The hi-hat control offers natural voice. Soundking professional audio source is designed with abundant voices and is compatible with teaching or game software to meet various requirements.

Soundking SKD220 Digital Drumset
Application: Kit Components 6 drum 4 Cymbal Size: 1000mm×1600mm

8” SNARE(x1): dual zones rim/pad hit simultaneously

8” TOM(x4): dual zones

8” BASS(x1): support dual hammer

10” HI-HAT(x1): mono

12” RIDE(x1)/CRASH(x1): dual zones + choke


Different status and strength of pedals decide pad voice and volume

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