Tama Metallic Snare – MT1440DBN

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Tama MT1440DBN Metalworks 14x4in Snare Overview
Metalworks snare drums are built using 1.2mm thick steel shells. The 10n++ and 12n++ models, outfitted with triple flanged hoops, are perfect for use as side/auxiliary snare drums. The 14n++ diameter models are outfitted with Evans Black Chrome heads and die-cast hoops, giving the drums a sharp, solid sound to complement their unique and industrial look.

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Tama MT1440DBN Metalworks
14” x 4” snare drum from Metalworks series that features a 1.2mm steel shell which provides the drummer with maximum sound potential. Its Black Nickel finish delivers an industrial sound that completes the sound appropriately. The drum also features die-cast hoops, the MSL35BN lugs and Black Nickel hardware.


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